Kübra Duran


Office: ITU, Ayazaga Campus, Computer Engineering Department,Room: 4316
Email: durank18@itu.edu.tr

Kübra Duran received her BSc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey in 2016. She has been as an exchange student in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary in 2015. She got her MSc degree in Department of Computer Engineering at the Istanbul Technical University in 2021. Now, she continue with her PhD education in Department of Computer Engineering, Istanbul Technical University. 

  • PhD, Istanbul Technical University, Computer Engineering, 2021-Current
  • MSc, Istanbul Technical University, Computer Engineering, 2018-2021
  • BSc, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2011-2016
    • Erasmus Exchange Student, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Feb. 2015-Jun. 2015

  • R&D Specialist, Skyz.tech, Jan. 2019- July 2021
  • Project Officer, ENDOS, Oct. 2016-Sept. 2018
  • Intern, KEMSAN, Jul. 2016-Aug 2016
  • Intern, SISECAM, Jul. 2014-Aug 2014


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Submitted Publications

  1. K. Duran, M. Broadbent, G. Yurdakul, B.Canberk, 'Digital Twin-Native AI-Driven Service Architecture for Industrial Networks', Submitted for Conference Publication, 2023.
  2. S. Al-Shareeda, K. Duran, B. Canberk, 'Twinning Vehicular Networks: Deployment Architectures, Use Cases, and Challenges', Submitted for Journal Publication, 2023.
  3. K. Duran, L. V. Cakir, B. Canberk, 'Digital Twin-aided Eco-Regulation Framework for Net-Zero Transport', Submitted for Journal Publication, 2023.
  4. K. Duran, M. Özdem, T. Hoang, T. Q. Duong, B. Canberk, 'Age of Twin (AoT): A New Digital Twin Qualifier for 6G Ecosystem', Submitted to IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, revised on August 2023.


  1. K. Duran, B.Karanlık, 'Network Mapping Engine-Flat Graph Topology', 2020-GE-578790-2020/17786, applied on 2020.

  • MIS401 - Computer Networks and Security (Fall 2021)